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*Includes 34mm Picattiny medium rings.


ORIGIN 1-10x28 Hunting Optic

The ORIGIN 1-10x28 is a second focal plane option for tactical shooters looking for the latest trend in optics at an affordable price. The ORIGIN is ideal for low-light hunting situations and more suited for close-range hunting and defensive shooting. Its 34mm tube allows perfect amounts of light.

It is also waterproof, so regardless of how heavy the rain is coming down or an accidental drop in the water, this sealed and gas-purged optic will remain waterproof.


Roark Enhance Quickzoom

The Roark Enhance Quickzoom enables quick zoom of the scope onto the handguard. It enhances accuracy and speed for your scope. Experience reliable performance at a critical moment.


Includes Enhance Unimount and Quickzoom cable slide to enable quicker and easier adjusting of your magnifcation!

Origin 1-10x28 Hunting Optic + Enhance Quickzoom Combo

R9 500,00Price
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